NYC Pride, June 29, 2014. - Part 2

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knock knock who’s there?? not brazil’s defense

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this show has 7 emmys

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My friend gave me her iPod cuz mine ripped in half and she has so many good bands and musics on it I just wish she had more variety of green day and blink than just the hits. Maybe I can add my shit to it.

Called the place I had a job interview at and they said “were in a process and still haven’t reached your name yet. We’ll call when we get to you” and idk what the heck that means but in so anxious about it. The whole time on the phone I was shaking.

I know I'm only words on a screen, but I went through what you described in that post, and I want you to know and have hope that it does get better, nothing lasts forever, keep your chin up! <3

Thank you. I hope so

i need a fucking journal to let out my shit.

i just wanna go to bed. i just need to sleep for once. i cant take this. my mind is in a million places. my mom everyday constantly complaining about how shitty i am to the point for literally 4 hours it is her yelling and taking away my shit or hitting me and i cant get my shit together. when i thought everything was working out and getting together it fell apart. im back at the bottom. tomorrow at therapy my therapist shes going to make me call this place i had a job interview at and ask what is going on and im just nervous to be let down. im scared of change. im scared of having to grow up and be responsible. i dont wanna do this anymore. life is too fucking scary. i want to just skip ahead in the future to where im fine. this is all so stressful. and for what? we alll go through this shit just to drop dead and for people to slowly forget you while you rot away under ground. why does everything have to be stressful. why cant we just run around naked and not worrying about money or materialistic shit. i dont know what im doing with my life or what im going to be doing in the future it all is just so scary and me avoiding it is just ruining me more. its just so hard. i feel like time goes so fast and i didnt appreciate when all i had to do was go to school. im sorry for the rant.